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Samsung Galaxy Mega 2 Android smartphone was announced on September 2014.

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How do I remove the midframe?

I'm trying to repair a Galaxy Mega 2, (SM-G750A). I can't find a single shred of information about how to disassemble this phone. It looks similar to the Galaxy devices but I can't see where the mid frame separates.

It almost looks like it all one assembly and the only way to get to the mainboard is to go through the LCD.

Someone please help if you have any experience with this phone.

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I never figured it out but it turned out that I didn't need to do the repair anyway.

Anyway, I have no idea what it's like on the first Mega but, on the mega 2 it's you don't just loca the next glass on. There is a flex cable from the glass which leads me to believe that loca may not be necessary to get the proper results like on a standard glass only replacement.

I have no idea why there is not even a Mega 2 page but hopefully this helps someone in the future and if anyone sees this and performs the digitizer replacement I hope you will update us with a procedure.

Thank You


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I just finished a successful digitizer replacement on the Galaxy Mega 2 so I wanted to pass on some helpful information. If you are doing a digitizer only repair the only things you remove from the back of the phone is the back cover, battery, and LCD cover...(the thirteen screws on the back only need to be removed if you are going to remove the mother board or a component inside the phone)The digitizer has 3 m double sided tape on the top, bottom, and sides, it does not have loca uv glue between the digitizer and lcd. You only need to heat the tape and gently work around the outside of the digitizer lifting it out of the frame. The digitizer will still be connected to the LCD with a ZIF connector on the underside of the LCD. The LCD has double sided tape down both of it's edges so lift gently down both sides to remove LCD...undo the ZIF connector and that is it. Under the LCD you will find the screws that need to be removed if you are needing to get to the motherboard or other internal components of the phone.


911 Cell LLC.

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Thank you so much for this. Couldn't find any info on the mega 2 anywhere!!!


Can you please post a video on YouTube


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For those interested in replacing the digitizer on this phone, I have made a quick YouTube video of the process here .

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How to replace the digitizer of my samsung galaxy mega2 sm-g705a

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