Xperia Tablet Z LCD logic/flex/screen problem, which part?


Recently, I bought a Sony Xperia Tablet Z of which the previous owner had removed the whole screen. Tablet was working, then dropped it, causing the screen to be broken (LCD was blacked out, digitizer/touch still working). He then removed the screen as a whole and sold it.

So I obtained a LCD/digitizer assembly on AliExpress, but when installing the screen I get the same problem that he had: Touch is working fine, tablet switches on nicely, but LCD does not respond to anything.

My question is:

Does anyone know if this is a well-known problem after dropping the Xperia Tablet? I'm more or less sure it's not the LCD of the replacement screen that causes the problem (given the background), but how to find the faulty component?

It might be the flex cable between LCD/Logic board? I've tried to measure the resistance between each tiny pin of both the connectors of the ribbon, but it's not easy. Some pins are linked to multiple other pins. Is there an easier way to check this?

If it's the logic board, is there any way to make sure which component is broken, and is this fixable?

I have a set of pictures which I'll upload so you can see the logic board / flex / LCD, maybe this helps.

Thanks in advance!! Kind regads

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