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Where are all LSI Sensors placed?

hello ! can anybody tell where are the Liquid Submersion Identifiers ( Liquid sensors ) placed ? I want to install a protective film and i don't want to ruin my applecare . Thanks !

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Go to the following URL and page down and you'll see a picture of the LSI sensor locations: http://www.appleinsider.com/articles/08/...

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See both pictures, 4 on the top of keyboard and four on the bottom.


Here's another located under the RAM: http://www.myservice.com/blog/tag/MacBoo...


thank you for your fast reply!

i'm doing this research in order not to ruin my applecare when installing the invisible shield,in this way i can avoid some spots where the moisture sensors can be found.


FYI, the appleinsider.com link above does not work for me on multiple browsers...


They slightly changed the URL. It's been replaced now to the correct one.


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