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The 2013 revamp of the desktop Mac series known as the Mac Pro.

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How to clean the new Mac Pro?

How can I remove the dust from the insides of the computer without doing any harm?

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Can'ed air and a soft paint brush for anything stubborn.

You do want to be careful here with static electricity!

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Personally I adopt this method: I remove the protective cylinder, and insert a small plastic insert into the upper fan which prevents the fan from turning and getting damaged. (It must not turn by the compressed air; the circuit would fail). Then I blow the whole Mac with the compressor starting from the sides and going down, still blowing from the bottom upwards. Then I also pass internally to the cylinder, especially in the upper part where there is the upper curvature. In case the dust does not go away, I use a very soft, clean cloth. The air must obviously be as dry as possible and free from dirt. If you need to pass a soft brush in the most internal and not reachable points.

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