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The Asus Transformer Book TX300 is a hybrid laptop/tablet.

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Weird BIOS behaviour. Unable to sleep or shutdown. Reboot -> shutdown

I recently have to use a recovery partition, becouse of windows black screen issue (while this, notebook has been force-turned off several times while going into sleep mode which I realized after a repairing a windows). After my "repair" Windows OS came back to its old life, but BIOS started to freak out.

1. When OS (Windows or Ubuntu, doesn't matter) request a sleep mode from bios, it blanks out the screen and that's it. I can hear a fan running, and see indicators flashin. BIOS does not support any other sleep mode than S3.

2. When OS request a restart from bios, it hangs on, turning off a whole notebook, and from time to time turning it on after a second or two. Before that issue, notebook was restarting flawlessly without a complete shutdown

3. When OS request a shutdown from bios, it hangs on, on black screen.

4. When OS finishes a hibernation, and requesting a hiber-shutdown, same happens. Hibernation files are complete, and after force-shutdown via button press, I am able to wake up from hibernation.

Also after changing any bios settings selecting "save and exit" screen becomes black longer than usual with additional " _ " solid sign (just like a cmd blinking dash, but solid here) in left upper corner which was never happening before. BIOS remembers new settings after all.

I have tried to reset bios settings, but problem remains.

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I have removed a case, and was looking for a CMOS battery, but it seems that when main battery is not removable, there won't be any CMOS battery. Batt connector is hard to unplug, or it uses some lock mechanism, so I don't want to break it.


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Suddenly, after 10 years this weird behaviour stopped. I can’t tell real solution, but it can be related to an adapter I made to use USB-C to charge it. I have a unadequite charger which can’t sustain 20V 3A so adapter kept pausing a charge process for 3s or more and started charging again. This is the only thing I did recently and by my supprise it can now shut down, sleep and hibernate by itself… I’m happy and confused.

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My tablet cracked for no reason just sitting on the sofa and you see it cracking help

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Oh... I feel sorry for you, but it's not helping in my case. Mine tablet's glass is still fine, no scratches either.


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