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Why won't the camera turn on?

The camera will not turn on no matter what I do.

I press the power button and the start up noise and start up display screen do not appear.

What can I do to make it turn on?

Please help me out,

Thank you

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Hello there!

If the camera doesn't seem to be turning on, it may be possible that the battery has lost its' charge. If you can locate the charging device that came with the camera, you can place the battery inside of it and allow it to recharge for a few hours. Hopefully this does the trick! Comment on how it went!

Good luck!


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try blowing compressed air into the optical lens i had this issue were the lens gets jammed and it prevents from fully opening my would shut off put some air through that area and presto. eventually had to tear down the camera to completely clean it but hopefully that is the issue with yours. Good Luck

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