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First generation of Apple iPad with 3G capabilities. Model Number A1337. Available with 16, 32, or 64 GB of storage. Repairs are straightforward and do not require heat.

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Ipad works on its own at times

My ipad 3 screen cracked so I brought a new one on ebay from china/hong kong after about 3 weeks it started to just do things on its own( open apps, keyboard press, settings open etc)as i had a spare screen i put that on thinking it was a screen and after about 1 week the same thing happened.

My question is do you think this is down to the quality of the screen as its a chinese product or is there something else on the ipad that could make it do this on its own?


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Is your iPad in a case?

I've seen people have this problem often and they usually have their iPad in a protective case which is usually to tight. When they take their cases off, the problem seems to vanish. If your case is to tight and pushing down on the edges of the screen with to much force it would likely cause some issues with the touch sensing. If you do have the iPad in a case try stretching it a bit so it does not press tightly on the edges of the screen. Or try using it without the case to see if it helps. If so try finding a different case.

If the issue happened on two different screens I would think that the screens quality are not the issue. Especially if both screens produced the exact same issues. Did you check for other damage to the iPad when replacing the screen? Maybe there is damage to a ribbon cable, the digitizers connector on the motherboard, or another part inside the iPad. If it is under warranty you should take it to be looked at and possibly replaced or fixed.


Hello Rich,

The way a touch screen works and its parts are as follows:

The top layer of a touch screen is just a protective surface such as glass.

Under the sheet of glass is the digitizer. On most touchscreens there are usually two layers that make up just the digitizer portion. The glass on top that you touch and the actual digitizer sheet which consists of the touch matrix circuitry. The digitizer sheet is adhered to the glass so it often appears to be one piece.

The digitizer sheet and glass have a small gap that has an adhesive in it. On both the glass(bottom) and digitizer(top) is a transparent metallic conductive coating which is usually indium tin oxide. The human touch is conductive which allows for the electical sensors in the digitizer and glass sheets to sense the touch at a specific location, and relay this information to the CPU.

So glass cover, digitizer and then lcd. The LCD is only responsible for displaying the image while the digitizer is responsible for sensing the locations of touch and the glass is on the outside for protection. The digitizer and LCD are very easy to damage so the glass sheet helps protect them.

A lot of touchscreens such as the one this device uses are referred to as a capacitive touchscreen. The example above is a description of this type of touchscreen. Glass, Digitizer, LCD.

The shop you take it to should be able to replace the digitizer without replacing the LCD under it. If they have already replaced the digitizer and it still has the same problem than I would suggest doing a factory/hard reset on the device. The reset should fix it if it is a software related problem. Make sure you have your saved data backed up before doing a hard reset. I hope this is helpful and answers your question.

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Thanks for you response, the problem occurs whether in or out of the case.

I did not change the screen myself i took it to the shop.

I have head about digitizers but i thought that was another word for the screen, can you explain what this is and how to fix.

I live in thailand so trying to get my point across is very hard unless i can tell them the exact issue otherwise they will juts go off on a tangent!


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It could be a defective part or it could also be that the digitizer cable was damaged when installed. Another possibility is that the cable wasn't seated properly into the fpc connectors, or the clips weren't closed on the fpc connectors. Worse case scenario is that the fpc connectors were damaged during the repair.

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