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Announced on October 16, 2014, the iPad Air 2 is a thinner successor to the iPad Air.

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Stuck in DFU after Screen replacement

I replaced the screen assembly for a customer on his ipad air 2. I used the original touch ID button but when the customer went to update it, it failed and got stuck in DFU mode and gives an error 53 every time. Anyone have this issue or know what might be going on?

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Connect the iPad to iTunes to update and it gives you error 53? For this error, here are 5 solutions.

Update iTunes;

Uninstall iTunes and re-install it;

Clean recycle bin: On Windows: open Recycle Bin - Recycle Bi Tools - Empty Recycle Bin - click Yes to confirm; On Mac: Open Trash from launch bar - Finder - Empty Trash - click OK to confirm;

Use a repair tool like Joyoshare UltFix, 3uTools, etc. Such tools can fix the issue without data loss;

When necessary, contact Apple for support;

For more information, you can check this post: https://www.joyoshare.com/iphone-repair/...

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