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The Venue 8 is a midrange Android tablet, released by Dell in 2013.

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Why isn't my Dell Venue 8 turning on?

Even though I leave my device on charge all night I still get no function when I attempt to turn it on. No lights or indication of any power. What do you think might be the problem?

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Sounds like you may have to make some repairs. Head over to the troubleshooting page to find out how you can fix this issue!

Dell Venue 8 Won't Turn On

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Check the battery, It should be over 3v on the red and black wires. The back pops off real easy with a small knife. either take the batter out and charge the battery manually for about 10 minutes, then re install, the power light should now turn white or buy a new battery . $25 on ebay.

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hello I would like to know how to manually reload


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I was downloading Microsoft 10 and my tablet shut off before it was downloaded, so it crashed. Who can Bring it back to life?

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