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The Fujitsu LifeBook T902 is an old school convertible and tries to combine the benefits of tablets and notebooks. A new case, updated technology and a classical business orientation are connected with high expectations for the performance, quality and the features.

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Ran out of disk space on a 256Gb SSD

Aloha, I have recently received a notification letting me know I have low disk space. I checked the drives and my c:drive only has about 1Gb of space left. I do have 72Gb of free space on the d:drive though... I have moved over everything but the pertinent system files into the D drive and still am having a a space issue. Is there a way to upgrade the SSD? or partition the drives to give c: more of space?

PS: I do not know hwy I have a c & d drive, and I don't know why they were partitioned the way they were.

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you have five options, more than one option is applicable to you and should be exercised

1. in search bar type disk clean up and open the application and clean up the temp files etc

2. if you want to remove the c & d drive partition in the search bar in start menu, type disk management and delete the d: drive and extend the c drive to occupy d drives space

3. buy an external HDD and move all your data (documents, movies, pictures, downloads, music etc) to HDD

5. buy a modular bar SSD/HDD and stick it into your modular bay (http://www.fujitsu.com/fts/products/comp...)

4. buy a higher capacity SSD (500GB SSD comes at USD150 these days) and get it installed or install it yourself (you ll ofcourse have to do a fresh windows install for this).

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Are you still using the original load from when you got it new? I would back up all your important files and reload win 7 or 10. Make sure you wipe out all the partitions and start with a clean drive. If you have a t902 it has to be one hard drive. The one drive possibly is partitioned c and d drive with the cdrom the E drive. Just back up your drive and wipe it clean and do a fresh install. 256 gb ssd came from fujitsu or you installed yourself. You probly cloned your old mechanical drive and it has all the fujitsu partitions.

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