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Model A1238 / 80, 120, or 160 GB hard drive / black or silver metal front

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Will a hitachi 30gb drive work in this?

I have an originally 80gb classic, everything good but the drive. in lieu of buying a new drive, would a 30gb Hitachi from a zen vision: m (it's compatible with the ipod video) work in the Classic?

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when you install the new drive

First put your iPod into disk mode. Then...

Open the disk utility, find your iPod (left hand side) and highlight it

Go to Tab Partition, click either Delete or Partition, if fails, skip this step and go to 3.

Go to Tab Erase , choose Volume Format as MAC OS Extended (Journaled), and click Erase.

and it should be ready to go, connect to iTunes and update the iPod

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I think I can find an alternative to this, but I actually run Windows.


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