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How do I reset my CF-W7 toughbook to factory settings?

I have tried using the recommended methods... Pressing F2 on startup but I cannot seem to find an option that States...

'Reset to factory'

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All Toughbooks pre-2010 required a "recovery" dvd

in order to reset the unit to Factory Defaults.

In Canada these recovery dvd used to be free,

but after 2010 they started to charge for them.

If you still have a Windows sticker or COA on the

underside of your Toughbook then you can use

a Windows CD or DVD that corresponds to the

sticker and then enter the 25 digit code.

If you do it this way, you will be required to download

all the drivers manually from the panasonic website.

This is the Toughbook and Toughpad website for drivers:


Good Luck and Happy New Year 2018.

Regards from Richard, Montreal Based Panasonic Canada

Authorized Toughbook Dealer sibce 1989.

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