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A laptop by Lenovo, commonly found in offices all over the world.

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External Monitor Screen Flickering


I have a Lenovo Think Pad T410.

When I connect the laptop to an external monitor through a VGA cable,when you open a gray picture or a software with gray background,you will notice a huge noise on the screen,there are many websites that suggesting,this is all about ground loop,and you must cut the ground wire somehow,but the monitor power cable doesn't have any ground connection at all,and the charger ground pin,is not connect to the outlet.

So what is the problem exactly?

What is the solution?

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Does the external monitor work alright on another computer?


Yes,It's Quite OK.When I use another computer.


It's really weird,but I found the solution,I have stripped the cable and cut the shield around it,and the noise gone away,just a little bit of noise,so I have tried a cheap cable without an aluminum shield but only just a ferrite core,and the noise is gone now!!, I think the shield was playing as the noise carrier here,and the cheap cable solved the issue.


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Dear hbirjand.

They was talking about the ground wire which comes in VGA cable. try to do below steps and faults may solve,

1) Clean the VGA connectors and try to stable connection, as well as check whether broken or bent pins were in the male VGA connector.

2) Change the second monitor's Restoration to minimum level and try

3) Change the VGA cable and try

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Please read my new comment,under the question section and thank you.


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There are 3 cause of this issue:

1- Group loop on your connector

2- VGA cable or VGA output port issue

3- VGA chipset issue

But the highest posibble option usually is frist

To fix this issue

1 - Follow this article to break the ground loop on your monitor and laptop connectors


2- TESTED ON UBUNTU: If the above solution cant help, try to install TLP and reboot your ubuntu, the noise will be gone. To install TLP, follow this article


Good luck

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Turn off the wireless network adaptor. That worked for me.

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