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Model number TF700T released in July 2012. The Asus Transformer Pad Infinity is a Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capable tablet with a 10.1 inch screen and 8MP camera.

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Is it possible to upgrade RAM from 1GB to 2GB?

It seems to me that my Asus Transformer Infinity TF700T is lagging to much because it has only 1GB ram.. I have Samsung note2 with 2GB ram, and this phone works much much smoother and faster than Asus tablet..

So my question is can I upgrade somehow Asus from 1GB to 2GB RAM?


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I am really sorry to inform you that its not possible on any Tablet. You can store data though on the SD card!

Hope that helped.


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It's a wish, a hope and a dream of every tablet owner that upgrading ram could be as easy as on a laptop or desktop.

But these little buggers are a one time creation.

Best you can do is add memory card (SD, micro SD) to expand STORAGE, not ram. Apples to oranges. Storage isn't speed.

Maybe some company will see the potential and create an upgradable tablet.

But cost to produce that, for the limited amount of ppl who would take advantage of it, is not worthwhile.

Buy today for future proofing.

Go ram heavy.

Hug a redhead chick and tell her I said "How YOU doing" (Joey from Friends)

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Good advice. Typical Raylan Givens.


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Before you try, download a ram meter app.

See if you're actually fully utilizing the ram.

Might be an internet connection that's slow.

Or that you've got stuff running in the background slowing it.

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