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murray mower wont run

My Murray rider mower with B&S engine #283707 sat at an angle this winter, started o.k. then blowing black oil and white smoke out exhaust and will not start back up. Pulled off air filter, no gas in reservoir and an oily film. Should I prime carb w/gas and try to restart? Gas had preserver in it for the winter.


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check for clean spark plug, check if there is a good spark and try. again, if necessary with starting fluid.

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I would probably get rid of all the old gas and put new gas in it and put a ounce SEA FOAM in the gas. Get the engine level and crank it over a few time to get some of the new gas and sea foam into the carb. I would go to the hardware store or auto store and buy a new spark plug for it. I would let the motor sit for a day to allow some of the new gas and sea foam to work its way into the engine. Hopefully the motor with new plug and gas in it will start for you the following day. If this doesn't work you may have to individually all the fuel lines and may even have to remove the carb and clean it out.

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clean the air filter and spark plug, if it is 2 cycles engine make sure you mix the right ratio (fuel and oil). now use quick start fluid spray in the air in take several time and start the engine. if it is on then you are good, but if it is on for only 2-5 minutes and off. there is only 2 things.

+carburetor is bad. you need to rebuild it by changing the new o-rings, diaphragm & gaskets or even get the new one)

+vacuum might be leak. you need to check the fuel line to see if there are any leak.

if after you use starting fluid and it is not start, there are 2 things happened:

+the piston ring might be cracked. (this case you need to buy the piston ring and rebuild it if you can do it yourself, if not the have the repair shop to do it)

+the electrical distributor or spark plug might be bad (you can check by take out the spark plug and hook it back to the wire try to start to see if there are any lighting b/t the gap of the spark plug). it nothing come out the let change the distributor and spark plug. it should work though.

in sum, there are mostly 3 main things in the small engine that cause the problem: the engine block (piston), the carburetor, and the distributor (included spark plug ).

if spay the start fluid, and it is on and off after awhile : the carburetor is bad

if spay the start fluid, and it is not start: there are 2 things: either distributor& spark plug is bad or the piston& piston ring is bad.

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Also check your primer bubble it could have a leak.


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I'm sure your carburetor has some type of float inside and it setting at an angle for a long. time your float could be stuck shut not allowing your gas to enter chamber I would try removing the bowl from the bottom of the carburetor and just lightly lift up and down on the float to make sure that it's free it's a really simple fix but if you had gas treatment in it I think your carburetor is fine

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