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Why is picture gradually geting darker

The picture on my Samsung TV Model - HL-S5687W is slowly getting darker. My contrast control is maxed out. Do I need a new tube? Where would I get one?

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I had the same problem, you need to replace the lamp. If you still have the manual it's on page 91 with instructions, if not access the Samsung site and you will be directed to a supplier for part # BP96-01653. It's about $150 with shipping. Easy to do, if I can do it, a 5 year old can.

Now I have white dots requiring replacing the DLP chip: the universe must be angry with me!


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I believe that is a sign of the bulb starting to go bad. That's one of the indications listed in the owners manual.

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It sounds like your bulb is going bad, this is one of the symptoms of a failing lamp.

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