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Fully functional professional DAT machine that has been used to record many great albums over the years.

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How do I rescue a DAT?

I have a DAT tape that is stuck in a Panasonic SV–3800 machine. At first, just wouldn't play audio, on this machine or on an SV-3700, but it did at least fast wind. Now the machine won't eject or play or do anything. I have tried powering it up several times. The literature I have seen online is insufficient, so far. I have had experience with ADATs in the past, where you could manually move a wheel inside to guide the tape out, but the wheels I see inside this machine won't budge. It is hard to tell if the tape is damaged, since you can't see it from the outside of the machine.

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Hello, you will need to remove the cover and locate the loading wheel which is on the right rear of the loading carriage, it has the rubber band on it that connects to the loading motor. Start pushing the wheel away from you til the carriage is completely open, from there you can remove the tape if it is not loaded inside up to the drum, if it is you will need to remove the four screws that hold the upper carriage to the base and manually pull the upper carriage off and remove the tape.

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