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A simple digital camera by Kodak released in 1999.

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Cannot get a clear image thru the eye piece

I got my kit in for doing tear down and repair manuals and hooked up my camera and ran into problems. This is an older camera that's been sitting for about four years. When I look thru the eyepiece it will not focus. The auto focus on the lens appears to be working. I've taken some pictures and the pictures are much clearer than what I can see, which is totally blurred. I've gone over it with compressed air and cleaned the external as well as possible. Another problem is that the pictures are dim and yellow to orange tinted even when using very bright flood lights. Any suggestions would be welcome. The manuals will have to wait if it's "buy a new camera".

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Hi Richard, I found this link which may help you. I hope so as I'm looking forward to your guide to the blue and white. Ralph


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+ Thanks for the guide Ralph. Actually my first guide will be repairing a door bell as mine is malfunctioning and it will probably get more hits than a B/W G3 ;-)


I am also considering a power supply for an AirPort Extreme. I had to take a hammer and smack it about ten times to get it to open, tough little puppy ;-)

By the way, the case is still intact, it just shows hammer marks on it.


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