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Released in 2003, the iBook G4 replaced the iBook G3 as Apple's portable consumer computer.

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will not start normally, opens in single-user mode only

After the battery went dead and was recharged it failed to come on. After the power button goes on the apple comes on a gray screen and the wheel spins but then it shuts down. I have tried reset nvram, mac-boot, mount -uw and nothing still. I can't find my instal disk.

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Hi, If you haven't done so already try resetting your PMU and Pram. I will leave links to help you. Good luck Ralph



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Then you must get an install disc and see if that boots. Or hook it to another mac in target mode and see if you can fix your HDD.

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Thanks for your reply. Anyway, I tried everything you mentioned. Still nothing.

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I would try removing the battery, extended RAM, and airport, and then immediately reset the PMU and PRAM. I have seen machines with Airports that were not fully seated causing a machine to always boot into single user mode, so removing all extraneous devices and then resetting the machine should rule that out.

Other than that, I agree with Remacberlin -- boot your machine in target mode, and see if you can wipe your drive from another Mac. Sometimes a bad hard drive, or a drive that won't "unmount" can make a computer behave in non-standard ways, so if you can manage to wipe it, you'll be ruling the drive out as the problem.

If you need install media to reload your system, it's all readily available on...uh...popular download sites.

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