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Released on July 28, 2014, the Samsung Galaxy S5 mini is a cell phone that features an 8 MP rear camera, 720p display, fingerprint scanner, and water resistance. It has a larger display, increased battery life, and an updated camera from its older brother, the Galaxy S5.

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What are this small things in galaxy s5 mini?

Hi, i have a question, abaut s5 mini. So what are these small things doing in the s5? because accidentally i broke it off... (I only know, its an something's antenna, but i really hope its not so important thig... Please write as soon as you can!

Here"s the picture: http://s14.postimg.org/5u2vyeq0x/gh82_08...

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Hello skynet2042,

it is a external antenna connector. you can see two colors coax cable connects on it the green color use for 3G & 4G frequency bands, pink color coax cable use only for 4G which runs at 2.5 GHz. it is not a compulsory part to operate. separate antenna interfaces use to enhance signal reception. RF testing and calibration also doing on that ports. That connectors you will not be able to see on Galaxy S5. they are limited to S5mini

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So everythings will operate, include bluetooth, nfc, gps, and the mobile internet will be a little bit weakly? (Sorry for my grammar, i'm Hungarian)


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