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Released June 2011, identified by model number MB870

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Phone will not power on

Screen on phone reads - Modem did not power up (0) Starting RSD protocol support

Phone will not turn on

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1.) Plug in your DX(2) Let the Notification led Go green.

2.) Now your going to like what you would do when going into android recovery. While your phone is booting up hold the volume down and the power button until fastboot appears on your screen.

3.) Remove your battery. If you don't when you go to the next step your phone will go to far in the boot process.

4.) Scroll down with the volume down button until you get to boot android (no Bp) [It's under android recovery]

5.) Hit the volume up button and your phone will display a message saying "Cold Booting Linux"

6.) Once you get a battery with a question mark in it displaying on your screen Re install your battery And Poof You now have a charging battery.

Please let me know whether this has worked, if not i will continue to look for a resolution.

If it has helped please accept the answer.



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I need more steps. I did the steps you gave, but it does not do anything it just says boot android(No BP)

cold-booting linux

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