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A laptop by Toshiba with a 15.8" display and runs Windows. Has a straightforward repair similar to most laptops. Requires only a screwdriver.

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K O'd my laptop

In a fit of rage and stupidity ,I slammed my laptop closed and now it is inoperable. I have a windows Vista factory out of the box recovery program but it will not recover. It will load first disc and second disc but 32% through the recovery it has an error and shuts laptop down. Do I need a replacement laptop along with anger management ? Lol

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Hi Ebert, While the machine is running, place your ear next to the machine and listen for any signs of hard drive failure. Provided you have a mechanical hard drive, sounds of spinning up, clicking/clunking and then spinning up again, etc. may be signs that you accidentally damaged the hard drive. A healthy mechanical hard drive has somewhat of a chattering/popping sound. Also--depending on just how hard it was slammed--It may be a good idea to 're-seat' the memory, as a poorly seated chip may become partly dislodged in the even of jarring. Start there, and please let us know how it goes.

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