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A large smartphone by LG, released in fall 2014. The LG G3 (D855) boasts a Quad HD IPS display and a 13-megapixel camera.

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No sound from Top Earpiece speaker after screen replacement

My Niece dropped and broke Lg g3 digitizer. I replaced it with lcd and digitizer with frame. One thing I didn't install is tiny daughter board all the way in bottom.

After powering on phone, I can not hear anyone from my top earpiece speaker but clearly hear them from when I transfer call to speaker.

Is daughter board needed and what's it's functionality? Top earpiece in anyway connected to daughter board?

One more thing I also lost about 3 screws and looking up online only source looks like ebay at $10.00. I can't justify paying that much for tiny screws. Any leads on replacement for them?

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very similar problem here. after exchanging the display the motherboard and the daughter board are connetcting each other making the outside speaker numb and activating headphones (even if not plugged in) once I omit skews on the bottom and do not put on the cover the daughter and mother board are not connected and the speaker is working.... I wonder If I can just leave out the dauther board but I am afraid that this might lead to overcharging a condensator or something similar.

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