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Introduced in 2012, the Gaems G155 is a portable gaming monitor that can support the Xbox 360, or the PS3. While there are multiple versions of the Gaems monitor, the G155 is the most sold and common.

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A Bad Day at The Black Watch...nothing but Snow


so i replaced the screen following this iFixit guide (great guide BTW),

powered on,

but all i get is a bad day at the black watch. nothing but snow.

any ideas, do i need a remote to change the input to hdmi, as i bought it with the cracked screen sans accessories.

or could there be a problem with the control board, all the buttons work, sound from speakers briefly until the mute kicks in. initial startup shows the Gaems 'G' logo on a black background, which hints that the screen is good.



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What I did to resolve this issue was unplug the display and wait for the red light in the power button to disappear then wait about ten seconds to plug in back in then turn it on. Repeat if necessary

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Do you happen to have a link confirming this fix? I'd love to mark your answer as accepted ;-)


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there is nothing you can do. you've bought one with the known channel change bug. i think the guy, where you've bought it from, did used an universal remote and accidently changed the channel to one that is not the hdmi channel. i wrote to gaems and there is no known way to change it back to hdmi. i'm sad to say, but i think your g155 is scrap.

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i thought about trying a universal remote but no code worked 100% so this info makes sense. it's a shame Gaems can't be bothered to investigate a cure though as im sure this can't be an isolated incident.

i have however ordered a lcd driver board to replace the original as its too good to scrap.

on a lighter note it would explain the cracked screen, previous owner used a universal remote, locked channel because of bug, got mad smacked screen


Hi I was just wondering which driver board did you order? Thanks


is this a real thing? couldn't find any other reference to that online...


Yep it is indeed. I live in N.ireland and have worked at 3 of these. 1 with the channel change problems (now parts) and 2 with faulty back light and speakers. Pos and gaems are as useful as an ashtray on a motorbike. 'Have you tried using a new power adapter' etc zero warranty outside the USA.


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