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I own a maruti omni.Engine gets overheated in traffic.any suggestion?

During traffic jam the engine gets overheated.It is a maruti omni.from INDIA.

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No problem. Just drive your omni in high way temperature drop suddenly to half position . half position is the best. If you are in local or in conjusted are where air flow position is not so goog you can blow your blower to hot position than temp also drops to half position.


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overheating can always happen - that depends on things like ambient temperature, cooling system, coolant level,water pump, working fan and of course the cylinder head gasket

i would check first the coolant level, check if the fan is working properly and if you see white smoke from your car - it't most likely a faulty head gasket

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my omni 2010 model pickup very down also on 1st gear


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Apart from the list of possibilities listed by Markus Weiher, overheating can also be due to the following :

1 ) dust clogged radiator fins.

2 ) timing in high "advance" position.

3 ) worn out water pump.

4 ) radiator leak ( need to keep on adding water to radiator )

plastic radiators develop minute cracks

5 ) radiator cap has loose spring

6 ) leaking radiator hoose or loose clamp

7 ) water passages in engine block blocked ( needs to be flushed )

8 ) faulty thermostat ( clogged and stuck )

If the cylinder gasket is "blown" the car will not have power and there will be mixing of oil and water, in which case the oil will be like yoghurt and creamish brown in color.

Fan is direct coupled.

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i have heating problem any one can help on this,

i have check all system but still i have same problem


i have check radiator ,temprature t , silencer oil level color if there is heating problem MARUTI OMNI VAN


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hi everyone,

recently my van 2003 model engine has been changed all the piston rings, head gasket, engine oil, timing belt and coolant too but again there is a problem like heat meter going high when i drive uphill and pulling gets down.

what could be the problem can anyone suggest what should i take next step.



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You need to attend

Radiator service work and change the coolant oil,

Check the water pump and thermostat valve condition,

Check the radiator hoses,

Check the engine cooling fan working condition.

Check the temperature sensor and temp. meter working condition


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