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Updated version of the Kindle Fire 7" tablet by Amazon with 1280x800 HD display. Released September 2012. Repairing this device is straightforward.

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Troubleshooting info or Electronic Schematics for Kindle HD 7

Does anyone have troubleshooting info or electronic schematics for a Kindle HD 7? The volume icon keeps popping up with max volume and you can't close it without squeezing the case or bending it. I'd like to be able to understand how the fool thing works and some testpoints to identify the bad component rather than just replacing parts until I hit the right one.

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It sounds like you don't really need a schematic ,hopefully you don't. It also sounds like your case is at fault for the fact your having to bend and squeeze the case to do what you want. I would use a teardown guide and see if something is lodged or blocking your volume buttons a little arranging and engineering more than likely will fix the problem.

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I tore it down, removed the volume control button. Now it doesn't work at all. I shake too much for this detailed micro work. How does that go now? If it ain't broke, take it apart and it will be. Just need to get some copper tape and a soldering kit. I think I should be able to fix it. Either that or I'll buy a new one and use this one for parts. Haven't decided yet. It was a learning experience as the saying goes.


you desoldered it ? copper tape? are u planning on doing some jump work ? Can you post some pictures of what's going on?


The black wire off the battery was not crimped correctly and fell off. I soldered it back on but it's a globby job. When I peeled the copper tape back, it tore, of course, and there was a screw under another piece. It just doesn't look "factory correct" for my tastes.


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