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Battery Model No: A1406,

Will a A1406 Battery for my 11" MacBook Air Mid 2011 be OK to replace a A1370 .

Cheers John Thornton.

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The people at iFixit seem to be of the opinion that either battery will work in your machine. The A1495 is a newer battery and possibly may operate a little longer, look at the compatibility charts.

MacBook Air 11" (Mid 2011-Mid 2012) Battery

MacBook Air 11" (Mid 2013-Early 2015) Battery

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When the A1495 Battery is used in the A1370 Mid 2011/12 it will register as 100% design capacity and you will get slightly higher usage time.

If the A1406 is used in the A1465 Mid 2013/15 it will read as 96% design capacity as the A1406 Battery is lower in design capacity than the A1495.

Test was done using CoconutBattery in on both models with new batteries (Original Simplo) from my inventory.

A1406 Design Capacity = 35-watt-hour

A1495 Design Capacity = 38-watt-hour

Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MacBook_Ai...

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Macbook air A1370 use battery A1406

Macbook air A1465 use battery A1495

they are not cross compatible, if you use the wrong battery your computer will become extremely slow.

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Really! Please tell us the differences in the A1406 and A1495 batteries and compatibility in the 11" Mid 2011 machine.


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I have successfully swapped these batteries. I have done so without issue. I recently placed the battery from a 2011 into a 2015.

No issue on my end. Your mileage may vary

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I just pulled out a A1406 battery from a A1370, and I know it’s not a replacement. So it will fit and function without a problem.

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