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Support for desktop computers by Gateway. Gateway is owned by Acer these days, and anything new by Gateway is supported under the Acer Group.

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My Gateway SX2110 desktop has become extremely slow in loading.

My desktop computer takes forever to load. When on Google mail I get message "Something is wrong, not connected to internet" but all other devices in home work excellent. In addition when inserting a memory card or opening up any drive on the computer, it takes forever to load. When I check my RAM , I am using about 50% of my 4 Gigs Is it time to reformat or replace hard drive. I am hoping there is something particular I can perform. My antivirus and utility is Norton 360.

Thanks in advance


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Did I not provide enough information to respond to my question ?


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take off Norton 360 and get avg Antivirus.

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Thank you, I will try that and see what happens.


Have removed 360 and installed AVG, I will say it helped, but on a scale of 1-10 of program loading time, before the change it was a 7-8, now with the changes it has improved but only to 6-7 .. I am thinking that the Norton slowed my processing time but was insignificantly not noticeable until some other problem arose. Any other suggestions would be appreciated.




Something odd about this machine.

Upgraded RAM from 4 to 8GB.

Installed SSD.

Linux Mint 19 xfce

Still slow.

Chokes on youtube videos, on a 100mb connection.

I find that all my older AMD machines are really sad.

I liked AMD but starting to wonder...

This one is a dual core E1-1500 APU

Radeon HD 7310

Some are overclocking it






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