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Model A1225 / Mid 2007 and Early 2008 / 2.4, 2.8, or 3.06 GHz Core 2 Duo processor

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HD bay buzzing/rumbling noise

I got a 24 inch model with stock 360 western digital HD. Periodically when I wake the system I periodically get this buzzing/rumbling noise coming from the back centre (where the HD and HD fan are located). I can't fully pin down the pattern of it's occurrence but here are a few things I have noticed.

-It usually clears up around 15 minutes of the computer running

-If I hold the case and apply gentle upward pressure against the case the noise goes away, when I let go the noise will usually come back. The noise seems related to the hinge where the foot is connected to the computer.

-I can get this noise to appear when I hold the case and pull the left (my left from the front) hand side towards me while the monitor is at a moderate viewing angle (a position between 90 degrees and being tilted fully upwards).

-I deliberately waited for the HD to spin down. Then tried the trick above, the noise did not reappear. The noise seems to be caused by the HD and not the HD fan.


The noise is caused by the HD bay and is related to the hinge between the foot and computer. I can only conclude there is something loose causing vibration.

My question to you is: is anyone familiar with this problem? For time reasons I can't deal with this immediately for a couple of months. Can I let this problem slide for the time being or is there a higher risk that the HD might fail? Also, would there be any ideas on how long this would take to repair under applecare?

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Final update: To anyone who happens to be reading this. The HD did eventually end up showing signs of failure (i.e. random lockups, the HD randomly spinning down then spinning back up) around October 2010.

Diagnostics at the Apple store failed to come up with any issues. Took some haggling to have the geniuses replace the HD under applecare.

The problems went away with the HD replacement. Noise issues also disappeared. I suspect that the original Hd was not properly installed causing vibrations and accelerating HD death. Also the original HD ran at significantly higher temperatures than the new HD.


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If the hard drive spins down the cooling fan would most likely shut down. Your best bet would be to replace the hard drive fan Apple part # 922-8490.

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Do you know for certain if the HD fan spins down with the HD? I would be more relieved this was the case and the fan is the culprit.


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