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Is it safe to use MacBook Air without the battery?

Hi everyone, I have a Mid 2011 MacBook Air with a swollen battery since a week ago but I'm still using it until now and apparently it expanded more by day.

I use my laptop everyday because I am working on some papers despite having the battery swollen. I've already made a schedule to replace it next month but I'm wondering since I still need my laptop to do my work, is it safe to remove the battery and using it with the AC power only?

I'm afraid the battery will expand more and it could damage the hardware, so I want to remove the battery and using it directly to power cord.

Thank you.

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My little brother used my macbook and the battery exploded. He is only 7 years old and was playing games. I feel awful and responsible. He is in hospital and will require several reconstructive surgery to his hands and face. I wish I would have seen this information before letting him use the computer.


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First, remove the swollen battery now. It is dangerous for your safety as it could cause a thermal invent which is highly toxic and could wreck your laptop. So be extremely careful and cool down the computer and remove the battery and isolate it in a box with some tapes. You don't want to get hurt because of a MacBook battery.

You can still use the computer without the battery, but the processor will run smoother, which means the effectiveness of the machines won't be here. The CPU clocks gets slowed when you remove it, but you should do this instead of risking a thermal event.

Good luck and take care.

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That sounds terrible, I will remove and keep the battery first then.

I think that's not a problem for me if the CPU clocks gets slowed because I only used it for a word processing task.

Thank you very much for the answer, that helps a lot!


Thank u for ur experience, i've had same problem with u. Love it!


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