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The a7R II (model no. ILCE‑7RM2) is Sony's 2015 revision to their full-frame, mirrorless, interchangeable-lens camera.

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Live-View Tethered with Sony Remote Camera Control software...

All these years and Sony cameras can't do tethered Live-View photo shooting with Sony Remote Camera Control.

We all know that WIFI, NFC and phone are a joke.

Sony Remote Camera Control CAN NOT do live-view on PC nor Mac.

It save directly to computer when shooting photos, can't save on card.

No flash nor lens focusing adjustments.

Shooting video is a joke, it only has a Red Dot Button. You can't view on computer.

It saves directly onto card in video shooting. Surely won't work on A7s at all.

Sony needs to look it Canon's EOS Utility software. It works on many Canons.

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All Sony cameras, Brian.

Do you know much or anything about tethered or un-tethered shooting using the software like Canon EOS Utility ?

It's really good which many amateurs to even pros are lost.

Canon has ATG AK1 Un-Tethered System or Canon WFT.

Nikon has ATG AK1 Un-Tethered System or Nikon WT.

Sony has to use ATG AK1 Un-Tethered System only.

Nikon has Camera Control Pro2.

Sony has Remote Control Control, which is better than using Adobe Lightroom but suck for the pros.

Sony top-of the line amateur cameras like the SLT-A99, A7 & A7s CAN NOT do live-view to pc nor save on card when shooting tethered.

And when shooting video, can't save on computer.

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Why are you answering your own question... ?


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Don't have the foggiest idea which cameras you're complaining about? And I don't see a question to answer?

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