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The Samsung Chromebook XE303C12-A01US laptop features an 11.6" screen and a 16 GB SSD hard drive. This small notebook computer allows for easy access to the Internet and can run various web apps.

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replace plastic hinge cover on chromebook

My Samsung Chromebook was dropped and one side of the hinge cover broke. I've ordered a replacement but need to know how to remove the broken one so I can replace it.

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Mine just broke this morning when I opened it. The right hinge cracked and came out from the top part of the computer. I have always treated this unit gently. When I bought this just 14 months ago it was the highest-priced unit I had looked at. I mistakenly figured that the higher price meant better quality. I am now sad that it is complete junk. Very disappointed in Samsung.


@timfc Maybe you are right. I even don't have a better experience with Samsung.


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My poor Chromebook looks like it was ran over by a Semi truck. At first I noticed that the hinge was popping out on the right side (facing me). Then it forced the hinge cover to misalign. Eventually I looked closer and saw that it was suppose to be supported by a screw mounted into the top cover. "REALLY, METAL TO PLASTIC, ON AN IMPORTANT PART LIKE THE HINGE!" I am disappointed and according to many reviews of the CB, this is a common defect. When I attempted to send it for repair under the warranty, the tech informed me that I'd have to remove any passwords and probably would get a replacement. Now I just leave it open and support the back. Today was the worst the screen says its lost the operating system. "WHY?" "HOW?" WTF? Maybe because I did not send it to be fixed, so the techs disabled my OS? Once a Google Chrome Biggest fan, now the most let down fan. Well at least I'm able to talk about it, I kept in in for about 3 weeks or so. " But hey SAMSUNG, can we get an upgrade on the HINGE!" Opening the dang thing is the first and most important step in using it, I'd invest a bit more $ in that part. Thanks for reading my venting, I plan to order parts and attempt to repair it soon, if it doesn't work out I'm going to bury it, like a dear one it will be missed.

Take care and God Bless, Crazy Google Chrome Lady in CA

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Misery enjoys company, I guess. I did not drop my Chromebook but yesterday my hinge on the right side literally popped. It looks like it's guts are now just hanging there with no way to shove them back in. I read your description of the problem and "same here." Were you able to get yours repaired? I love my Chromebook more than any other computer I have owned. I will be really sad if I have to bury it or even be without it for any length of time. I might just leave it in the open position. I rarely take it out of the house.


I have this same problem. I dont know cuz it's my mates one from work and I need to give It back on the 17th what should I do


I have the same problem. has any one got a answer from Samsung. The geek sq told me to buy a new one. it just broke when I opened it.


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