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The Wii Remote is the original, primary controller for the Nintendo Wii game console released November 19, 2006. The model number for the original Wii Remote is RVL- 003.

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How to fix bad connection to Nunchuck and Motion plus?

I can't play games like the arrow (Wii sports resort) because my nunchuck has a bad connection with the motion plus. Sometimes nunchuck isn't recognised, sometimes its start the game and then lost connection or the arrow shoots by itself.

How to fix it?

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A quick fix to get back in the game

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Наборы переключателей Nintendo

A quick fix to get back in the game

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I've been able to succesfully repair a disconnecting nunchuck where the problem was a broken cable (broken inside , outside rubber tube wasn't showing any signs of damage.)

1. First you need to unscrew both the connector and the nunchuck itself to see bare cable connection with nunchuk electronic board or connector. There are 5 (or six) smaller colored cables inside the main cable.

2. Then use voltage meter to check if both ends of every colored cable are connected. Two of my nunchuck have one cable showing no reading - this is the cable you need to reconnect.

3. Now you can replace an entire cable (much hassle) or, like me, bypass the one cable that doesn't connect. I, have put the new cable on the outside , soldered to both ends it is should to connect. Then screw nunchuk and the controller.

Now, the finished thing has two cables (5-string one and single string one), I used small masking tape to tape them together every 10 or 15 cm apart. This will look bad but, hey, it works.

Other solution - buy the original replacement. I've tried Chineese knock offs (they cost $3,5 with shipping) but the joystick is so loose just after a month that is not worth it. I've found new original ones on ebay equivalent where I live going for ~$12 (in old circa 2006 packaging, but they are the same thing as those in Wii U packaging)

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Sorry but I can't find the product on e-bay. Could you post the link please?


I said "ebay equivalent where I live", so it is not the same place.

Us official Nintendo store has them for $20



Oh sorry! I didn't read with attention. Where are you from?

Anyway the better option is to buy a new nunchuck, don't is?


Can you make an iFixit page going into detail on how to fix this issue?


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