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The Samsung Galaxy Alpha smartphone was released in September of 2014 and is also known as the Samsung Galaxy Alfa. It runs on the Android operating system and is carried by most major cellular providers.

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My phone keeps getting stuck in a boot loop

My phone keeps getting stuck in a boot loop it eventually comes back on by itself but it does it every day. Also I notice when I unlock my phone or press on the screen I get a red outline to the screen????? I have factory reset the phone. Tried turning it on in safe mode but still find it does the boot loop.

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You may want to try the least last option .. Flashing the stock ROM

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could u maybe give me a play by play i have a hard time understanding what flashing ur phone is and im using a old alpha and its now doing this loop sucks i can get it into download mode where i used Odin 2 root a TWCF-Auto-Root bbut no dice same shhhii oott any way any help would be good help


let me know your Phone Maker and model number..


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