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The Nokia Lumia 720 is a Windows Phone 8 device manufactured by Nokia. It was released in April 2013.

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Why is my screen black?

I dropped my phone, but not from very high up and it hit the corner. At first my phones top corner was going purple but over time it started going blue then black. i thought the top corner was just bruised and that was fine, but then it started spreading. Now my phone's completely black but it still works. My alarm still goes off in the morning and i'm still receiving texts and calls but i can't answer them because i can't see the screen. I don't have a sim card so everything is on the actual battery. Does anyone know what might be the problem and how i can fix it without losing all my data/getting a new battery?

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More than likely the LCD in the display was damaged during the drop. The force of the impact on the corner of the phone probably damaged the LCD. The colors changing and spreading on the screen and then eventually the whole screen going black is definitely a sign of a damaged LCD. You will need to have the lcd or the whole display replaced to fix this issue. As far as the battery goes it does not store any of your save files. It is not a storage device for files. Your saved data is stored on a flash memory chip which is located on the motherboard. So you do not need to worry about loosing any data when replacing the display or battery. It will still be saved in the memory chip on your motherboard. Now if your phone was damaged to the point it won't power on and the problem is a damaged motherboard then one should be concerned about loosing saved data.

So a new display should get your phone back to a fully functional device without any data loss.

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I had exactly the same problem, but after replacing the LCD+touch the screen is still black. What other thing may I try? I’d like to recover all the info I have on the phone at least.

Thanks in advance

EDIT: It’s a Lumia 1020 in my case

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