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Repair information for Lenovo Thinkpad Yoga 2013

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right USB port - short circuit

A few days ago i plugged in a faulty device into the right USB port of my 2 year old 'Lenovo Thinkpad Yoga'. Afterwards the whole Laptop was without function. After disassambling the back, removing the battery cable and the bios battery, it rebooted but the USB port stayed without funktion.

Is there some kind of circuitbreaker to change or a way to replace the USB port?

best wishes


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Take out battery and boot from power cord only in. This may work.... Resets system...

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I also separated the prongs on the usb which easily short circuit.


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Is it even possible to find a replacement part for S1 yoga USB socket? The most similar looking is Molex 48393-0003 but in fact it’s also wrong. (

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