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Use this repair guide to fix faulty parts in the Fujifilm FinePix S2980.

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The camera does not turn on. What to do?

Brief history :

The fine pix (FUJI FILM) 2980 camera has only three years.

Used little, it never has been dropped or has been dropped, use ordinary alkaline batteries and non-rechargeable batteries.

There are no signs of oxidation on the battery terminals and whenever you finish using the machine I remove the batteries.

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I have the Finepix S9900. The switch is loose and will not turn on. Amazon did not want me to return it for repair even if I have a warranty. They just refunded me my money and did not even want me to return the camera. Now, I have a 6-month old camera that will not work. Any suggestions?


I have a FinePix S I left batteries in the camera for a few months now my camera will not switch on, I have replaced the batteries.

could they have leaked onto the battery terminals


I have the fine pi x s2980 camera but when I turn the camera on a message come on the screen to turn off and try again but I've tried numerous times but the message stays on


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i do not know if you try it,but put battery inside,put usb cable in ,connect it to PC ..(1st try to use usb 3.0)

and maybe your camera will switch on..idea is based on that some model of Fuji camera have inside firmware option to choose what type of battery is used..as if selection is set to wrong type,then camera will not switch on. Well,to pass that we will connect camera to pc ,to see if respond ,and even after some time usually can be can be turned on in many cases,or even batteries can be charged(depends of choice of batteries), but really is worth to try to see if camera will respond when is connected to pc..

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This worked in 2021! Thank you


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Brilliant saved me chucking the camera!

In new condition camera shops could not give me this advise! But worked great by just plugging into pc


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