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The iMac G5, powered by the PowerPC G5 processor, was originally released in August 2004.

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Help my iMac keeps turning off.

The only way to reboot it is to unplug and replug it in again. Then it is fine for awhile. It happens more frequently of recent. It powers down when it is asleep

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Everyone. I want to thank you for your knowledgeable input. On a hunch I replaced the surge protector. That fixed everything.

Thanks again

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Your logic board is most likely failing. Sorry, I know that's not the answer you want to hear, but those models are famous for bulging capacitors. If you were to take the back off, I'm sure you see some (could try cleaning it with compressed air). You can replace them, if you know how to solder, otherwise you have to replace the logic board. I actually just ordered one for a guy who had the same exact problem.

The board is about $50 on eBay. There's a guide on here to replace it if you want to DIY.

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What are the diagnostic LEDs on the logic board telling you?


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