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The Motorola Droid X is a smartphone manufactured by Motorola Mobility, Inc. that runs the Android 2.3 software.

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Why does my phone say invalid battery and not charging

droid x battery not charging and has question mark inside battery icon

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Zccsalter, could be caused by a bad battery. Consider changing it. Try to remove the battery and keep it out for while then reinsert and see if that helps. You could also try a hard reset (carefully because you may lose your files). It may be because the battery is discharged beyond its threshold and does not take a charge. Once that happens, your phone does not get the right information (proper voltage is part of the signature information) from the (smart battery)it declares it as "invalid" and will not charge it. For that you could try to charge the battery on an aftermarket charger outside the phone for a few hours.

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sorry it doesn't work for me. I bought my phone few days ago. when its battery under 15% phone automatically turn off & then show invalid battery when i want to switch on my phone.

Is there any software problem or something else?


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sorry… I do not have an answer… just a strange but real question….

does removing the sticker wrapping from the battery send any faulty indicator to the phone so it may then say the battery is invalid

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Please quit playing games!!!!!


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