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Apple's 2012 first-generation 7.9-inch iPad mini, with 16, 32, or 64 GB of storage and an A5 processor.

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Component Identification iPad Mini battery pry damage

Hi Guys,

Could you please have a look at the following picture and let me know the values of the components shown in red.. and for double points a UK supplier would be great.. Many Thanks in advance.. Its from an iPad Mini battery connector, have found many suppliers of SMD components on ebay etc, but no idea what I'm looking for..


Block Image

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The 2 components marked in red are both capacitors (C7522 and C7523) and have the same description/value: NP0-C0G 01005 package, 33PF 5% 16V.

Shorting/jumping capacitors most of the times means sending current to ground and causing a short and heat. In this particular case, you will be shorting the battery circuit to ground.

The displaced component next to the 2 capacitors is a critical resistor that must be replaced or properly re-soldered - in case this picture is of your actual device.

On the other hand, if I'm not mistaken (I CAN be mistaken), the 2 caps can be left out of you cannot find them.

But why do you need those caps? What is your iPad suffering from?

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Thanks.. I have two iPad Mini's.. Both suffering the same issue, which is that they shut down as soon as you start using apps like youtube etc.. I researched the issue and found that if those caps are missing then you get random switch off problems.. and both just happen to have the same damage, That's a stock photo.. my scope is nowhere near that quality ;)


Thanks Rany.. Perfect.. :) here's a link to a UK stockist if any one needs these..



I usually get things like that off of donor boards.


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You can find the schematics at https://service-schematics.ru/media/file... - turn to p42 for the battery connector.

They may just be filters, in which case you can probably get away with shorting them out. But are you sure they are the problem? The battery connector on iPhones and doubtless iPads too is prone to lifting off the board. Check for any movement, and if there is any,try soldering it back with a fine-tipped iron.

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Of course, shorting caps would be disastrous - I didn't say they were filters. But if they're caps and only 15pF then it's unlikely that leaving them off would have a noticeable effect - stray capacitance in the circuit could be as much. But from the pic, it seems the problem is not the caps but the displaced resistor next to the left circle.

If you haven't watched the recent iFixit microsoldering videos on Youtube then they're highly recommended. Perhaps you have, which is why you're contemplating such a repair!


Thanks Philip.. Stock photo, my logic board is missing these caps, and and my scope is no where near the quality of the one that took the photo... The fault is randomly switching off and needs to be rebooted.. I have two ipads both with the same damage and both have the same fault.. also found a post linking the fault to these little sods.. so will be replacing them soon to see if the fault gets fixed.. :)


The link is 404 I'm afraid.. :(


For schematics, try https://service-schematics.ru/catalog/ap... then navigate to the relevant model. (I understand that Apple is not happy about people publishing their schematics and try to take them down whenever they can, so maybe urls which only work once are one of this site's ways of staying up.)


From my reading, the caps in question are C7522 and C7523 (not C7533) and the part that is shown displaced is FL7500. The filter FL7500 could probably be shorted out with little or no effect as suggested by Jessa Jones in one of the microsoldering videos if it read open circuit but obviously not the caps. As I said before, 33pF is hardly anything so I'd be a little surprised if their omission had any serious effects. That said, if it's a GSM device the radio will be transmitting at quite high power when communicating with a cell tower, and if it uses the WiFi band at 5GHz, even an odd inch or so of wire will comprise a pretty efficient transmitting or receiving aerial, so maybe those caps really are fairly essential. If so, it should be considerably more stable in airplane mode - have you tried that? If so, if you can source some 33pF caps of the right physical size and train up a few ants to solder them in for you, you might have a fix.


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the displaced cap is the actuall problem, atleast in my ipad that is, but anyways U can get these components from an iphone 5 donor board, a resostor/whatever of the same value as FL4500 is present in the backlight circuit (below lcd connector ) in an iphone 5 board and for the two small caps, ones with same value are present in the baseband area of iphone 5 board, cheers..

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