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Repair and disassembly guides for Google TV devices.

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How can I change a cracked screen?

Tv has a crack across screen

Update (10/04/2015)

Block Image

thats the only model no.

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Christopher Graves, Google TV is the operating system. The TV's are actually made by different manufacturers.Sony Internet TV NSX-24GT1, NSX-32GT1, NSX-40GT1 and NSX-46GT1 NSZ-GT1[14]Logitech Revue M/N: D-R0001, Y-R0014 – just to name a few. So you will need to provide us with the information about your set. However, it is most likely that a replacement panel will cost you more than a new set. If anything, I'd try and find a broken set (other than the LCD) and harvest parts from that.

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NSX-40GT1 The picture still show beautifully how do i change the glass or diconnect it for that matter.


It's manufacturer is Sony


I am a bit confused. so your LCD is not cracked? Post a couple of images with your question. We also would need the complete Sony model number


No just the glass its self


that glass is part of your screen. It is not a separate piece. If it is a Sony it is most likely a BT1 chassis. The number will then depend on the diagonal size of your screen i.e.32gt1. This of course goes back to my original answer. You'd need a new screen


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