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Repair and disassembly guides for Dell printers.

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How to disassemble to get small piece of paper out of back.

How to disassemble back of Dell Printer C1765nf to clear small piece of torn paper from inside back that is not visible with cover on.

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Before you disassemble, try this: make sure the printer is all assembled - no screws out - plug in the power, make sure there is paper in the tray, wait for the display to come up (if it is a jam, an error message will display), then press and hold the "AC" button until a sheet starts to feed, then let up on the button. The sheet with the small piece of paper that's causing the jam error (if that's what you're getting) will spit out.

Problem solved - hopefully for you.

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I just noticed this was posted in 2015. The printer is probably already gone from your sight - oh well.


It worked used it on 7/26/21


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