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Head phone jack blocked

The tip of the head phone wire has snapped of inside the jack how can I get it out or where can I buy the tools and a new jack from

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You don't need a new jack or any kind of special tools.

Get some hyper glue and some ears cure tip, take some scissors and cut the curetip in two pieces. Take one of the pieces and put some hyperglue at the top of the fresh cutted part and insert it into the headphone jack. Hold it like this until the glue is completly dry.

Then just pull it out, the broken parts will come out glued to your stick.

Be careful not to put too much glue, otherwise you'll fill the jack and it won't work anymore.

Also, don't insert any kinds of metal tools inside the jack, ex; screwdrivers, tweezers.

Good luck!

I've done it several times on iPods and it always worked like a charm!

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