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The Sony Xperia Z is an Android based phone that was released in 2013. It is one of the largest phones of the Xperia family with a 5-inch full HD display. Model numbers include C6603/C6602.

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No backlight from the new lcd


I have a sony xperia z3 plus.

I broke my front and rear glass and i replaced the lcd (the lcd came attached to a new xperia frame)

After i followed all of the instructions step by a step i ended up with a working touch and screen but the screen has no brightness or led light.

Any ideas what could be the problem?

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What do you mean by working touch and screen? So there is no backlight but you have visible display? If that is the case probably the backlight connector is not connected

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His description is definitely vague. I slightly cracked my z3+ from a 2 foot fall. On top of the absurd circumstances that the screen cracked do the area around the cracks the touchscreen didn't work. Even worse was that Half of the touchscreen on the opposite half of the crack. A week later I dropped the phone from a similarly low height and it shattered completely. This time I dropped in on a soft carpet. Both drops happened while wearing a silicone case, and the impact was on the sides. I'm surprised by how easily the screen broke. And I'm terrified reading about stories like those one if unsuccessful repairs.


Usually when there's no display it's either a faulty LCD or the LCD cable is not plugged in properly.

And in my opinion Sony Xperia lineup are all fragile with their design. The glass is very thin on the Sony Xperia Z3 compared to other phones like Samsung and etc.


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Hey orvawalla,

Check the LCD cable connected to the logic board, that will be the problem! Still nothing happening? Contact the company where you bought it.

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