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The Motorola Droid (model number: A855) is a full keyboard touchscreen smartphone powered by Android.

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How do you re-adhere parts

I have a Droid that is water damaged (no screeen). Was thinking about a LCD replacement, but I'm curious how to re-adhere a lot of the parts that are held together with adhesive, you know, those little plastic exterior covers and such. Does everyone find that re-assembly does not require new adhesives? Does the adhesive that held the original parts together will work again just fine?


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Thanks. I appreciate the info.


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Some adhesives are re-usable and will stick well enough (tape on cables, small internal padding) but the adhesive to hold screens to digitizers or front panels, etc is usually replaced. I do not know if there are replacement strips available for the Droid, like there is for the iPhone. You may have to custom make your own out of double-sided tape.

Here is an example of iPhone adhesive strips:

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