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The Asus Zenbook UX31A is a laptop released in June of 2012. It is a member of Asus's Ultrabook line. It features a 3rd generation Intel Core I7 processor and a full HD IPS Display.

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Broke a component on my Motherboard now PC is not turning on

I have a Asus UX31e. I was trying to remove a broken screw and I think I hit a very small component, since that my laptop is not turning on: black screen and only power and caps lock led are illuminated. After a short while (when the gpu starts to heat up) the fan turns on, that gives me hope. Please check the pictures, hope you can tell me what kind of component it is and where to get it?

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image


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Check with external display, it should work. This part related to drive your ultra-book screen. we will try to identify the component that which damaged.


No that's not working


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You could just bridge the connection and see if that works. Or if you know anyone that knows schematics he can tell you which component it is.

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