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como Reemplazar una pantalla tactil

Favor de ver si es posible que alguien tenga la guia para reemplzar el touch screen a un celular chino doogee valencia y100 pro

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For the English readers, I think he's asking if there is a guide to replace the touch screen on a "Doogee Valencia Y100 Pro" phone. Unfortunately, there's currently no guides to repair "Doogee" phones on this site.

According to the reviews here, it seems the LCD and digitizer are fused together, and there's not a lot of success with separating with a heat gun. You're looking to replace the whole display assembly (LCD+Digitizer) for an easier repair.

Judging by the included "guitar pick" tools and suction cup included with that replacement part, it seems you have to separate the display assembly with the picks between the screen and housing. Then, it must be lifted off with the suction cup.

It's probably not a lot of help with me eyeballing this problem, especially not answering in his language, but I hope it guides somebody in the right direction.

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Hello Fernando Jimenez I just finished a screen replacement guide which can also be used as a tear down guide.

Doogee Valencia2 Y100 Pro Screen Replacement

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Goo Day!

I like order switch for Doogee valencia 2 y100 pro (vol+,vol- and power ON/OFF)

2 pcs

And 25pin socket for display.

Best Regards,

Gabor Kalas from Hungary

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