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The Nikon D80 is a digital, 10.2 megapixel, single-lens camera that was released to the public in 2005. It is meant for digital photo-taking and filming.

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Len Auto Focus broken

I have Nikon D80 which I have some how managed to brake its lens. The auto focus does not work on the the len. I had a question that is it fixable. Please reply back at darrmanvar@yahoo.com

Thank You.

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There are two auto/manual focus switches that both have to be on. The one on the lens and the one on the lower left front of the camera next to where the lens plugs into the camera.

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I have this problem but with a d3300 which does not have a af/m switch any hints>>


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D80 has two types of AF, are they _both_ broken?

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if it is the 18-55mm plastic lens, it is probably not worth repairing. If it is a lens that cost more than $250, try to get it repaired.

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