Apple TV 2 LED lights up, but no video signal...?

So I've acquired an Apple TV 2nd Generation. As the title says, connecting it via HDMI produces no video signal.

I have attempted to put it in DFU and restore it through iTunes via the Micro-USB cable, and it seemed to turn out successful with no errors. (For some reason though, iTunes listed the Apple TV's serial number as "n/a").

After the restore, the same symptom remains. It just simply does not output via HDMI to the TV. I've even used the same power plug and HDMI cable connected to an Apple TV (3rd Gen) that I already have -- still nothing!

I've tried doing the reboot through the remote (Menu+Down), forcing it into recovery mode (Menu+Play), and forced the resolution to change (Menu+Up). Blankety Blank.

Is the logic board pooched? Is there any hope left for this little Apple box?

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