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Repair guides and troubleshooting for the HP Chromebook, an 14 inch HP-brand laptop computer that runs on the Chrome operating system (OS).

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Chromebook Charging and keys sticking

We have 2 HP chromebooks... one of them will not charge at all and the other one sticks when typing and types the same letter multiple times??? Help me, how can I fix it or where can I send them for repair?

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Are you able to test the charger? does the light come on when you plug it in

As far as the sticking keys here is a good video to watch on how to remove the keys. I would use a lens wipe to wipe the key and the area down before assembling. I show students all the time how to clean their keys.

Bonus video

I would use an L shaped pick like this to remove the keys because it will do less damage to the rubber nub in the middle. Once the nub is damaged and will not stay on the keyboard is damaged.

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